SOL 1.18 – Field Trip Fun!


Frantic Fun

Inquisitive Intelligence

Educational Energy

Lots of planning!

Drivers?  Pleeeeeease?

Thunderstorms and Traffic

Rainbow! Reservation! Ahhh

Inspired Imagination

Positively Perfect Day!



Today’s Joys


Feeling inspired by a fellow slicer’s post of joys

Deciding to participate once again

Nurturing creative and exuberant students in writing today

Noticing a rough and tumble student stop and very gently help up a scared student

Watching the tango scene in “Scent of a Woman”

Reading Most People to my kids and Loving It!

Acknowledging that this is good enough for now!:)


Marching Madness – SOL #23 – 2017


I read a post today about how to write a Blitz poem.  You can read about it here. Joodles   I went for the shortened version.

March Madness

Madness takes its toll

Toll house

Toll house cookies

Cookies crumble

THAT’S how the cookie crumbles

Crumble to your knees

Pray on your knees

Pray all day

Day to day

Daylight Savings Time

Time for fun

Time for work

Times table

Table order

Chaotic order

Marching orders




CO-KINDERATE – SOL #21 – 2017



The new word my students came up with after completing this collaborative art project earlier this  year.  It’s been our go to  operational word ever since.


Here’s how I describe them:





Never dull




Art filled




Some art projects just make me happy!

My Not So Favorite Slice – SOL #20 – 2017


I’ve missed a few days.   Life happened and I couldn’t bring myself to write about it.

Today, I got caught up on my email and was inspired by this post, Elsie’s blog, who was inspired by her friend’s post here, Leigh Anne’s post.  I love the domino effect!

So today, I am doing a mash up by taking  a twist to Leigh Anne’s invite of making a list of your five favorite things and Elsie’s recent chronicle of unpleasant medical tests.

NOT My Favorite Tests:

  1.  Monday – Mammogram – 3 dimensional body parts becoming nearly 2 dimensional is never a fun time.
  2. Tuesday – Mammogram repeat – 3D becoming even closer to 2D; even less fun, plus a newly furrowed brow.
  3. Wednesday –  MRI – So LOUD, even with earplugs! No pain, just noise; additional worried brow furrow plus niggling questions;  What?  Where?  Why?  How big?  Since when?
  4. Thursday – Pinpoint Scan – Breasts are numb but brain has been flooded with tidal wave of information
  5. Thursday afternoon – Excision – Same numb breasts but can feel oddly cool trickles of blood.

My Favorite Result:

  1.  Monday –  Carcinoma In Situ, all removed;  Dr’s orders – Return in 6 months, excellent prognosis, stay healthy.

Ahhhh, big sigh of relief, I can breathe again and…


AKR, RIP – SOL #14, 2017


I read the love letter from Amy Krouse Rosenthal extolling the virtues of her soon to be widowed husband.  She was looking for a new wife for him.  So Amy of her.

Amy of the yellow umbrella.  Amy of Duck! Rabbit!  Amy of “We Are All One.”  Amy, my first blogging, virtual friend.  She was eternal sunshine even through a windy, cold Chicago winter.

We hadn’t connected for awhile, distance does that to a relationship, but when we did reach out, we reveled in our love of language and we traded some spirited letters, videos, emails and texts.

Now, no more.  Amy died two days ago.  She leaves a legacy as bold, as strong, as enduring as the beautiful sugar maples that line the Chicago streets where she used to leave random dollar bills hanging just to brighten someone’s day.

Me, of the yellow backpack, she, of the yellow umbrella.

I am feeling so blue.

Sunday Gardening – SOL #12 – 2017


Fingers ease deep into the dark rich soil

Moist clumps break easily in my hands

Thank you endless winter rains

For softening my garden earth

Depositing bits of sand, mineral and grit

To support my tenuous seeds, stems, leaves

Providing a rooting place for what will grow

What needs to grow

What needs your stability and incubating space

To flourish, go deep and climb higher and higher.

Dark, rich soil, giver of life

Landing place of seeds

Foundation of growth

Foundation of my soul.