Fresh Air – SOL #6 – 2017


Our End of Year (EOY) writing prompt window is open.  I feel a knot in the pit of my stomach.  How can it already be the end of the year? (Actually, as a colleague pointed out, it is NOT the end of the year, we still have over 50 days left.  It’s just the administration who feels the need to have us input the data now.  Grrrrr!)

Alas,  we are made to assess these little ones now and I am horrified to admit this, but I feel myself “teaching to the test!”  Today I realized I was pushing my kinders too hard.  “How about another detail?  Did you write ALL the sounds for that word? Did you tell the reader your topic first?  Remember only lower case letters in the middle of words!

Looking around the room I could see a general slowing of writing, more looks to me for validation, more fretting and less “getting.”  I looked outside and noticed the morning rain had stopped.

“Students!” I announced, “We’re going outside to look at the world!”

“Why?” asked one student as he bounded towards the front door.

“Your teacher needs some fresh air!” was all I answered.



CDS – SOL #5 – 2017


Last night we were lucky enough to see Cirque du Soleil’s LUZIA show.  It was spectacular!

C ircus extraordinaire

I mmersive and surreal

R eality suspended

Q uirky

U nique perspectives

E ndless entertainment


D ynamic

U tterly mesmerizing


S wirling colors

O there-worldly

L ong & lithe, athletes & artists

E xquisite beauty

I ncredible show

L asting memories.

Snip, Snip, Snip – SOL #3 – 2017


Is there anything lovelier after a long, draining week at work than to sit in the comfy  hairdresser’s chair and let your senses be fully renewed by her expertise?

Honeysuckle and tea rose wafts over me as I feel the silky lather on my scalp and hear the soft scrunching and slurping as she shampoos my hair. An errant drizzle, a little  splash, slowly dribbles down my neck and under my collar.  A surprise reminder that I am not floating away in a tropical dream.

A few snip, snip, snips, a Wooosh of warm air and a brisk brush later and I am refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to embrace my life.

Sometimes fully relishing a simple pleasure is all I need to bring me to my senses.

Life is good.

Choice Time – SOL #2-2017


My students had a full hour and a half of free choice time today and I cannot stop smiling.

It was pajama day in honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday and everyone was all a-twitter to see their classmates (and teachers!) in pony or puppy or star wars or all sorts of super soft and comfy jammies and slippers.  It’s amazing how such a little difference can have such a BIG impact on a day.

This morning we had 5th grade guest readers share two Dr. Seuss books, we finished up our classroom rhyme book in  writer’s workshop and then had a quick reader’s workshop to get ready to read to our buddies.  After lunch they were spent and so was I!

I told the students I had a few more questions to ask some students but if everyone could play nicely and do “First time listening” when I called them to the back table that they would be able to enjoy a Looooong Free Choice time.

It was amazing!  Block zoos were built for the dinosaurs, Lego towns sprung up on the carpet, play dough was pounded and molded into a fine patisserie of baked goods, the creation station overflowed with collages of glued macaroni and feather designs and a shimmery blue cloth was carefully draped over the play house table to transform it into a rocket ship.

Kindergarten cooperation, collaboration and coordination was in full force and it was a sight to behold.  I only regret now that I did not grab my camera and take a picture of the beautifully orchestrated chaos that was unfolding in front of me.


I will write…


It’s been a long year, much has transpired, much has been missed, much has been avoided, much has been done because it HAD to be done.

But, starting now, if only for this month, I will write, I am CHOOSING to write.

I will write when I am tired.

I will write when I am rested.

I will write when I am happy

I will write when I am tested.

I will write.

I’m in.




                    AloHa State

            in the vAst Pacific,

                 You Welcomed me

        with sun And sand and sea.

           You revItalized my tired soul

Restored my Inner compass!


SOL #29 – Aloha!


This year’s Slice of Life challenge has been hard.  My writing has faltered, slowly dwindling, becoming almost nonexistent and now, after today, it will cease for this Slice Challenge.


It’s for a GOOD reason, a GREAT reason, a ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME reason!

My husband has surprised me with a trip to Hawaii!  I am thrilled beyond words and joyfully, gleefully prepared three days of sub plans yesterday.  And, yes, el hubby checked with my principal first before booking the tickets.  So nice to have good people on my side.

So tomorrow morning, bright and early, we are heading off to the a little dot in the Pacific Ocean for sun, fun and relaxation.  And, as much as I do love writing and wish I could have gotten more done this month, I will NOT be bringing my computer with me.

I do hope, however, to get into a weekly rhythm of Friday Celebrations or some other weekly posting when I return.  I need to work on my discipline.

But not until I get a little sand between my toes, imbibe a fruity drink or two and snorkel around with some beautiful, colorful fish and sea turtles!