SOL#19-4 – Words


Our words are so powerful.  Words can cut like a knife or heal with love.  Taking on this writing challenge has me thinking of the many, many, MANY ways words can heal, hurt, help and give hope.

Today, during a particularly long district meeting with many words spoken and not a lot of heart behind most of them, I thought of a few categories of words.


A baby’s first cooing and sputtering syllables

The tentative, tender forays of a student learning English.



Love poem proclamations of a newly wedded couple

The vehemently, angry roar of a preteen, “I don’t even LIKE your guts!”



“Co-kinderate” whimsically fashioned several years ago by one of my particularly precocious, clever and fellow word-loving kindergarteners.

“Blabberia” a perfectly vivid expression uttered by a child in response to an excessively talkative classmate.



I see you.  I hear you.

We can, we are, we will, we must.

How can I help?


I just love words, don’t you?


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