SOL#19-11 – Ooops!


Give me an inch and I’ll take a yard.  On Saturday I posted early in the morning, for a west coaster.  I figured I had until Sunday afternoon to post again but then…LIFE!

My friends invited me to a yoga class and coffee chat.  How could I pass that up?

When I got home my husband had dinner a-cooking and said my newly married daughter and her hubby were coming over as well as our newly moved out youngest child.  Sweet!  A family dinner party.

A delicious dinner of veggie burgers, salad and fruit followed with fresh chocolate chip cookies from the son-in-law for dessert.  We had the Jeopardy championship games to still watch so we all settled in for some good fun.

Which brings me to this morning when I realized I never posted yesterday.  It completely slipped my mind.  I’ve heard it takes two weeks to learn a new habit.  I guess I’ll start counting my days again.

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