Slice of Life #31 – A Blogging Challenge?


Just over a month ago my mom’s beau, Bill, my “stepdad,”  passed away.  I was visiting them and woke up one morning with a poem, a tribute to Bill, swirling in my head.  I had to write it down. On my way back home, as I was noodling on the internet, I ran across the Two Writing Teachers website and, for probably the third or fourth year, saw the Slice a Day challenge.

I love writing but have never been disciplined about it.  I always just sort of waited for an inspiring idea to land in my head, then I’d write it down, leave it on a park bench or inside a book at the bookstore and be done with it.  With Bill’s poem fresh in my mind, however, and numerous other ideas floating in my head I impulsively decided to register for the Slice.  I was committed to writing EVERY, SINGLE DAY in March.

Why add one more thing to my life right now?   I was dealing with grief, the busy-ness of school, LIFE and I, of course, needed to add one more thing to my plate!?

I am ever so grateful I did.  When I started I had no idea what to expect.  What in the world do people Blog about, anyway?  Well to my complete and utter delight, I have been welcomed into this wonderful world of writers, thinkers, doers and triers and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know people through their writing.

Elsie, with her consistently breezy and refreshing slices involving everyday things, and some quite unique experiences, Erika writing about Harry Potter withdrawal and popcorn nights, Kevin who raised “lifting lines” from others’ slices to an art form, NewTreeMom who lovingly wrote of her mother’s old things, there were bloggers becoming first time grandmas, some celebrating a sibling’s 18th birthday, others mourning the breakdown of a marriage.   ALL had and have something worthy to say and I am humbled by the craft and wit and talents of these fabulous writers.

Elsie wrote a Reverso poem for her slice today.  I love her eloquent, lyrical message about this epic month.  I thought I would take a stab at sharing my own little take on this month since I came to it in a roundabout way. 

Where can I express myself?
I need to write.
What shall I do?
A Blogging Challenge.

A Blogging Challenge?
What shall I do?
I need to write.
HERE I can express myself.

So fitting this month ends on a Tuesday.  See you in a week!

Slice of Life #30 – Jump for Spring!


Spring has sprung and my little ones are jumping to it.

Their inner motors are revving like bumblebees in the garden,

Primed to burst with exuberance like the tulips and daffodils.

Contented days of Lego building and slow, careful coloring

Replaced by crashing Matchbox cars, soaring paper airplanes,

Recess and movement is no longer for trying to warm up

Potential energy pours full force into all out kinetic movement.

Up the steps, down the slide, over the monkey bars,

Through the tunnel, jump on the stump, jump over the stump,

Jump, JUmp,JUMp, JUMP, JUMP!!

Spring has sprung and my little ones are jumping to it.

Slice of Life #29 – WRITER’S BLOCK


When will something come to me?

Random thought,

Interesting tidbit of the day,

Thrilling surprise or

Edgy comeback I wished I’d made?

Reluctantly I realize my ideas have run dry.

Slivers of slices I’d been squirreling away have slipped,

Beyond my grasp, banished to the untappable

Lobes of my brain,

Out of reach, forgotten,

Can’t even capture a morsel of an idea to

Kick around.

Slice of Life #28 – Sound Bath


Today I was lucky enough to experience a “healing meditative yoga sound bath.”  Danny G. is an amazing yogi sound therapist.  The sounds and vibrations of the singing bowls, gongs and chimes passed over and through my body and left me in a completely relaxed yet alert and contemplative state.

If you ever have a chance to experience a sound meditation yoga class, I highly recommend it.  I am not an avid yoga practitioner but I have taken a few classes here and there.  This class, however, is not your average yoga class.  We started with a few “yin” poses (I guess yin yoga is very gentle poses that you hold for awhile to relax your body.)  Danny’s music began right away and then, as we moved into “shivasana,” the resting pose,  the sounds became a totally immersive, inner journey that enveloped one’s body in soothing, mindful and indescribably pleasant sounds.

NOTE:  Apparently I was so relaxed I forgot to actually post this slice, it was just lingering in the comment section for Day 28.   I forgot to press the “POST COMMENT” icon. GRRRRrrrrr! DARN.

Slice of Life #27 – Quotation Collection


It’s been one of those weeks…

Only four days left.  I am determined to meet my goal of an entire month of writing.

But what to write?

Then I ran across a private goldmine.  A collection of some of the funny things my students (preK to 4th graders)  have said over the years, plus a few from my own children.

Finding this little old notebook made me smile today.   I hope it makes you smile too.

*Don’t talk with your mouth open.

*Is that you?  I can’t see you without your glasses on.

*I have really long legs.  They reach my whole body.

*I can’t smell anything, my cold stole my nose.

*I didn’t bite her.  Her finger just fell in my mouth.

*Student:  Teacher, he called me the “T” word.

Teacher:  What did he call you?

Student:  He called me TOOPID.

*Here…hold my mud cake.  Don’t eat it.

*I love you like a teacher and only sometimes like a mommy.

*I’m trying to make a real picture of you.  Can you smile big and make those lines all by your eyes again?

*I’m so glad I have a butt.  I fits just right in my chair.

*Sometimes my brain is so smart, my hand can’t keep up with it.  (Said by a particularly inspired writer during writer’s workshop.)

*One time I was born in Australia.

*I’m an expert at scribble-scrabble.

*My pee fell out before it told me to.

*When I sing the Good Morning song with you my heart smiles.

Slice of Life #26 – Sweet Evening Supper


Today was a rough day.  Fidgety, spring feverish little 5 and 6 year olds, colleagues that are less than congenial and sharing lately, too much to do and not enough time to teach it, especially with the beautiful spring weather calling us outdoors.

I went through our daily schedule, extended the recess a bit (fun), joined in with the kids during dance class (more fun), and then attended the mandatory CODE RED training mandated by the new superintendent (NOT fun.)

I made myself go to the Body Pump, sort of paid attention to lifting weights and focusing on my workout but then…then…the BEST part of my day…

I walked into my home and there was my lovely husband sitting outside by our little pond with a glass of wine, music playing and steaks and veggies grilling.  What could be better with this?  It is good to know, that even when it feels like the rest of the world is against us, there will always be someone there to make things right, to listen to your troubles and to help put the world in proper perspective.

Thank you, my love, thank you for being you, being us and for supporting me in this life!

Slice of Life #25 – Sunrise


I’m angry

I’m feeling slighted

Left out, insignificant, odd

My clothes are uncomfortable

My head’s a-thumping

I’m sad.


The sun

It’s peeking out

Shading the sky with hushed pastels

Illuminating my day, warming my soul

Relaxing my shoulders

Clearing my head

I’m glad.

Slice of Life #24 – Soup So Good!



We harvested vegetables from our garden last week.  The kids washed, peeled, scraped and chopped their carrots, broccoli, celery and peas and we threw in some potatoes from the store.

Little hands were preparing real food they planted and tended themselves.  Yes, it’s a bit messy and we have to be extra careful because we are using real tools, but the kids love being part of food prep routines and are way more diligent in following directions and being safe when they are doing an “adult” task.

So many students are surprised that they DO like soup when they grow and prepare it themselves.  Bon appetit!

Slice of Life #23 – No Play Today


With a big nod to R. LeGallienne’s poem, I must admit I spent a good portion of my Sunday doing school work.  It needed to be done no matter how much the spring weather was calling me.  I did get out to pull some weeds and take the dogs for a good walk but work was calling and since I had to be out Friday for the doctor’s I felt like I owed my class some time.

Here’s the original:

“I Meant To Do My Work Today”

by Richard LeGallienne

I meant to do my work today,
But a brown bird sang in the apple tree,
And a butterfly flitted across the field,
And all the leaves were calling me.
And the wind went sighing over the land,
Tossing the grasses to and fro,
And a rainbow held out its shining hand,
So what could I do but laugh and go?

Here’s my version:

“I Meant To Do My Play Today”

by Sara McNinch

I meant to do my play today,

But a writing bend called from the ole classroom,

And a the unit just begged to be read.

And all the pages were calling me

And they said to interpret and synthesize and plan

Tossing ideas to and fro

And a mini-lesson and mentor text held out its hand,

So what could I do but laugh and plan?

Slice of Life #22 – A Teacher’s Day of Doing


Breathing, Snoring, Waking, Stretching, Hugging

Walking, Talking, Jogging, Walking, Talking

Washing, Drying, Brushing, Smiling, Dressing

Caffeinating, Toasting, Buttering, Chewing, Savoring

Unplugging, Driving, Listening, Singing, Parking

Planning, Organizing, Prepping, Emailing,

Welcoming, Singing, Reading, Teaching, Writing

Watching, Reading, Listening, Coaching, Repeating

Dancing, Snacking, Playing, Laughing

Counting, Singing,  Charting, Reading, Comparing, Checking

Reading, Anticipating, Reading, Thinking, Reading, Bookmarking

Singing, Good-bying, Sitting, Eating

Reviewing, Planning, Reading, Meeting-ing, (Dozing)

Driving, Parking, Plugging in

Chopping, Tossing, Cooking, Eating, Sipping

Talking, Watching, Laughing, Snoozing,

Undressing, Stretching, Hugging, Reading,

Sharing, Breathing, Dreaming, Snoring