SOL#19-7 – It’s Showtime, almost…


We have a “buddy” program in place at our school.  A younger class is partnered with an older class and we meet once or twice a month to read, do an art project or share a special day.  My kindergarteners absolutely ADORE their big buddies and the big buddies are very caring and tender to the little kiddos.  The big deal every year, is when each buddy partnership puts on an assembly for the rest of the school.

Years ago, the assemblies began ballooning to huge 45 minute affairs with costumes, scenery, music, the works!  With increasing curriculum demands, however, and a growing school population, the buddy assemblies have evolved.  At one point, several years ago, there was discussion at a staff meeting to put an end to the assemblies. Thankfully, in my opinion, we all agreed to modify, not delete, the performances.

Tomorrow is my class’ turn to perform with their fourth grade buddies.  YIKES!  Every year I feel a little nervous about how the poems, songs and stage presence will work out.  This year, however, I am feeling VERY nervous.  My kiddos this year are super spicy, super excitable and super spacey.  And, to add to the mix, our fourth grade buddies have a similar spicy-spacey mix of students.  It has been challenging, to say the least, meeting for buddy activities but these last two weeks of preparing for the show have honestly been a bit of a nightmare.

I am counting on the old drama adage, “Bad dress rehearsal = Good performance.”  to hold true.  We will need all the help, luck and superstitions we can wrangle!

Wish us luck!

3 thoughts on “SOL#19-7 – It’s Showtime, almost…

  1. Your words, “… our fourth grade buddies have a similar spicy-spacey mix of students,” made me laugh out loud! I’m clinging to this thought for you – “Bad dress rehearsal = Good performance.”

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