SOL #29 – Aloha!


This year’s Slice of Life challenge has been hard.  My writing has faltered, slowly dwindling, becoming almost nonexistent and now, after today, it will cease for this Slice Challenge.


It’s for a GOOD reason, a GREAT reason, a ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME reason!

My husband has surprised me with a trip to Hawaii!  I am thrilled beyond words and joyfully, gleefully prepared three days of sub plans yesterday.  And, yes, el hubby checked with my principal first before booking the tickets.  So nice to have good people on my side.

So tomorrow morning, bright and early, we are heading off to the a little dot in the Pacific Ocean for sun, fun and relaxation.  And, as much as I do love writing and wish I could have gotten more done this month, I will NOT be bringing my computer with me.

I do hope, however, to get into a weekly rhythm of Friday Celebrations or some other weekly posting when I return.  I need to work on my discipline.

But not until I get a little sand between my toes, imbibe a fruity drink or two and snorkel around with some beautiful, colorful fish and sea turtles!


SOL #27 – The Best Laid Plans


I had the best of intentions…

I knew this month was going to be incredibly busy which is why I waffled about joining the Slice of Life challenge for a second year.  But then I read the first post from one of my favorite slicers, Elsie,  (you can read it here  and she concluded her slice with “Don’t panic, savor the writing each and every day.”  I took it to heart and decided I would do the best that I could.  Plus,  it seems that when I have a lot to do, I get a lot done.

Yes!  I was in.  I can do this!  And then…

Expected and unexpected health, family and life concerns made their pushy presence known as they pounded into, through and around my March days.  My slices suffered, became mere slivers, snippets, non-existent ghost writing.

Oh, if you could have only been privy to the wonderful slices I wrote in my head while I was lying in bed or lying on the table at the doctor’s office or even lying on the couch too tired to fetch my computer but with just enough oomph in me to compose a fabulous piece in my mind.

Hopefully these glorious little observations will resurface and become a post in these waning days of March.  I hope so.

SOL #23 – A Usual Day?


Today I slept in later than usual.  I did not make it to the gym but DID thoroughly enjoy the much needed extra hour of sleep.

Today I changed up our usual daily schedule in class.  I did not save free choice for the end of the day but rather had it before morning recess.  It was an energized yet calm and productive time.

Today I did not walk my usual route with the dog.  I turned towards the lagoon and noticed how beautiful the sky was reflected on the water and how surprisingly well-behaved Annabelle was around all the water fowl.

Today seemed like a usual day until I just sat down and realized how UN-usual it really was.  It was an unusually good day.  Perhaps I need to break up my usual routine more often!

SOL #20 – Doggy Sounds of Spring



First day of spring and Annabelle, our rescued Great Dane pup (18 months), is waiting for some clear weather so she can take a walk.  She paces then stares out the window, paces then stares out the window, all weekend, just waiting for the sky to clear.

And finally…

Drip,   drip,      drip,            drip,             drriiiiip


Eagerly she rushes to the door, looks at us, taps her foot, back to the window to check that the rain really has stopped then back to the door.  Tap, tap, tap.

We are so well trained.

Click goes her leash, whoosh and bang goes the door.

Clickety, clickety, splish, splash!

Sniff, sniff, sniff.

Clickety, clickety, splish, splash!

We walk quickly around the neighborhood and happen upon the empty tennis courts (Sshhhhh, I know we are not supposed to play in there but no one is using them on this drippy Sunday morning)

A ball!  What luck!

Bounce, bounce,

Galumph, galumph, scruuunch, scruuuunch, scruuuuunch, PLOP

Step, step, step, sniff, step, step, step



SOL #19 – Namibian Sunset



A Namibian sunset to Johan, a wonderful man.

The amazing message of losses is that TODAY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF MY LIFE.

‘Today well lived

makes yesterday a dream of happiness,

and every tomorrow a vision of hope.

Look well, therefore, to this day!

Such is the solution to the dawn’

I don’t know who wrote these words but I’ve heard and read them, or a version of them, more than a few times in my life.  There is nothing but today and I will make it my own.


SOL #18 – Friday Fun!



So how was my Friday?

Fire alarm went off 10 minutes before school started, FUN!

Alarm was re-triggered an hour later as I was just getting our kinders settled into their district mandated End-of-Year writing prompt, MORE FUN!

Arrived to science lab 15 minutes late because I neglected to record the updated times in my lesson book and science teacher was not amused, MORE DARN FUN!

But hey…

I made it out the classroom door and through the school parking lot 20 minutes after school was out, WOO-HOO!

I made it to the gym and had a good, hard work out to start the weekend right, MORE WOO-HOO!

I made it back to writing a Slice after yesterday’s unfortunate mishap (fodder for a future slice though!) MORE DARN WOO-HOO!


SOL #16 – Wonderful Day


“This is a wonderful day.  I’ve never seen this one before.”  Maya Angelou

Out of the blue, this beautiful quote landed in my inbox from an old friend and I am feeling grateful for life.



SOL #15 – All 5 Senses


My senses came alive today.

I saw an endless blue, nearly cloudless sky above,

I heard birds chirping and skittering in the high tree branches,

I felt the yearning tug of my dog’s leash,

I smelled the sweet, damp earth underfoot,

I tasted the cool, crisp, almost spring air.

My senses came alive today.

I am gratefully in awe.

SOL #14 – Who Knew?


*Disclaimer – this post definitely highlights and giggles at potty humor.


We all know a picture is worth a thousand words.  Sometimes, however, the writing is too perfect to pass up.

Today,  I wanted to learn what topics my kinders are interested in as we launch our informational writing and reading units.  I created a quick page for them to fill out in Writer’s Workshop.  Draw a picture and write 4 things that interest you.  Fairly straight forward.

One little student, bless his heart, loves to write but he works quickly and is still learning about spaces and vowels.  He does, however, really get his point across about why he wants to learn about volcanoes!

AP's volcano copy.jpg

Translation for bottom picture:  “I like volcanoes because they shit lava.”  Or perhaps he meant shoot?

SOL #13 – Lucky Number 13!


13 reasons why I love this challenge:

  1.  It feeds my inner writer’s soul
  2.  I love stories!
  3.  It feels good to craft a sentence, a thought, a slice, and share it away
  4. This “one more thing to do” helps me focus all the other to-dos of my day
  5. Giving and getting feedback from complete strangers is surprisingly satisfying
  6. Throughout the day, I find myself thinking of how to share experiences in a slice
  7. I expect my students to do good writing work everyday and so should I
  8. I feel like a secret blogger
  9. I need some discipline in my life!
  10. I admit it, I like the cool factor of saying “I blog.”
  11. I feel more aware and “connected” to my day when I’m thinking about what to write
  12. I like the fact that it elevates the little things that make up our life
  13. There are fabulous people out there who really read and respond!

Thank you, Ramona (wink, wink)