Marching Madness – SOL #23 – 2017


I read a post today about how to write a Blitz poem.  You can read about it here. Joodles   I went for the shortened version.

March Madness

Madness takes its toll

Toll house

Toll house cookies

Cookies crumble

THAT’S how the cookie crumbles

Crumble to your knees

Pray on your knees

Pray all day

Day to day

Daylight Savings Time

Time for fun

Time for work

Times table

Table order

Chaotic order

Marching orders





One thought on “Marching Madness – SOL #23 – 2017

  1. Thanks for this. I followed your link to see the rules for the Blitz poem. Kind of rigid, but maybe it would interest some fifth graders (and me). I like how you were not a slave to the 48 lines requirement. I also like the ending. It reminds me of the Langston Hughes poem, “Youth,” that ends with, “We March.”

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