My Not So Favorite Slice – SOL #20 – 2017


I’ve missed a few days.   Life happened and I couldn’t bring myself to write about it.

Today, I got caught up on my email and was inspired by this post, Elsie’s blog, who was inspired by her friend’s post here, Leigh Anne’s post.  I love the domino effect!

So today, I am doing a mash up by taking  a twist to Leigh Anne’s invite of making a list of your five favorite things and Elsie’s recent chronicle of unpleasant medical tests.

NOT My Favorite Tests:

  1.  Monday – Mammogram – 3 dimensional body parts becoming nearly 2 dimensional is never a fun time.
  2. Tuesday – Mammogram repeat – 3D becoming even closer to 2D; even less fun, plus a newly furrowed brow.
  3. Wednesday –  MRI – So LOUD, even with earplugs! No pain, just noise; additional worried brow furrow plus niggling questions;  What?  Where?  Why?  How big?  Since when?
  4. Thursday – Pinpoint Scan – Breasts are numb but brain has been flooded with tidal wave of information
  5. Thursday afternoon – Excision – Same numb breasts but can feel oddly cool trickles of blood.

My Favorite Result:

  1.  Monday –  Carcinoma In Situ, all removed;  Dr’s orders – Return in 6 months, excellent prognosis, stay healthy.

Ahhhh, big sigh of relief, I can breathe again and…



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