AKR, RIP – SOL #14, 2017


I read the love letter from Amy Krouse Rosenthal extolling the virtues of her soon to be widowed husband.  She was looking for a new wife for him.  So Amy of her.

Amy of the yellow umbrella.  Amy of Duck! Rabbit!  Amy of “We Are All One.”  Amy, my first blogging, virtual friend.  She was eternal sunshine even through a windy, cold Chicago winter.

We hadn’t connected for awhile, distance does that to a relationship, but when we did reach out, we reveled in our love of language and we traded some spirited letters, videos, emails and texts.

Now, no more.  Amy died two days ago.  She leaves a legacy as bold, as strong, as enduring as the beautiful sugar maples that line the Chicago streets where she used to leave random dollar bills hanging just to brighten someone’s day.

Me, of the yellow backpack, she, of the yellow umbrella.

I am feeling so blue.


5 thoughts on “AKR, RIP – SOL #14, 2017

  1. vendija723

    What a lovely and personal tribute. I am sorry for your loss of a friend even as we all mourn the loss of a beloved author.

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