Surprise Visit – SOL #9 – 2017


“Hello Mrs. M” rumbled the deep voices.

I turned around to see two tall high schoolers with vaguely familiar faces, wide smiles and the beginnings of little mustaches.  Hmmmm, I know these two, but what are their names??

“Well, hello there, guys!  How are you?” My mind is racing, tumbling through my mental rolodex of former students.  They look like they’re about 15 which would mean they were in K about ten years ago…

“We just wanted to come back to see you.  Boy everything looks so different AND so small.”  I usher them into the classroom and have them try out the chairs to see it they still fit.

“Oh, look!  You still have the little dollhouse.” the taller one says.  “Remember we used to play with that all the time?”

Ah-ha!  It’s Damion and Duane!  My two little long-haired kindergarteners who were the loveliest, kindest young students so many years ago and YES, every day they worked through elaborate play scripts in the dollhouse.

We caught up with how they are doing at school, math and writing are their favorite classes besides PE and sports of course.  They walked around the room, pointing and remembering some of the toys and books, reminiscing about similar projects they did SOOOO long ago.

Such a lovely surprise to see these two young men at my classroom door.  I guess we never know what the day will hold!


2 thoughts on “Surprise Visit – SOL #9 – 2017

  1. I’m so happy for you! And I totally relate to the “mental rolodex!” I remember faces better than names. The really wonderful part was that you were (are) the kind of teacher who supports kids in their work AND play.
    I also want to thank you for your kind and supportive comments on my SOL writing. You have made a difference for me, too!

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