IWD – SOL #8, 2017


In honor of International Women’s Day, here is an incomplete list of important women in my life, past and parent:

Darlyne, Molly, Kelly, Ashley, Nora, Anna, Maria, Lydia, Betty, Flo, Margaret, Cathy, Pat, Arina, Estelle, Wilmaretha, Donsie, Vera-Lisa, Leslie, Lesley, Lynn, Bobo, Sheila, Gloria, Laura, Honore, Heidi, Anh, Becky, Chris and Kris

Thank you strong, compassionate, smart and creative women.  You rock!

In my mind, I planned to write a bit about each one but the flu bug has gotten to me and, today, it is all I can do to make the list.  😦


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