Fresh Air – SOL #6 – 2017


Our End of Year (EOY) writing prompt window is open.  I feel a knot in the pit of my stomach.  How can it already be the end of the year? (Actually, as a colleague pointed out, it is NOT the end of the year, we still have over 50 days left.  It’s just the administration who feels the need to have us input the data now.  Grrrrr!)

Alas,  we are made to assess these little ones now and I am horrified to admit this, but I feel myself “teaching to the test!”  Today I realized I was pushing my kinders too hard.  “How about another detail?  Did you write ALL the sounds for that word? Did you tell the reader your topic first?  Remember only lower case letters in the middle of words!

Looking around the room I could see a general slowing of writing, more looks to me for validation, more fretting and less “getting.”  I looked outside and noticed the morning rain had stopped.

“Students!” I announced, “We’re going outside to look at the world!”

“Why?” asked one student as he bounded towards the front door.

“Your teacher needs some fresh air!” was all I answered.



3 thoughts on “Fresh Air – SOL #6 – 2017

  1. I love dropping everything and taking my class outside. I remember a snowy day (not a common occurrence here in north Alabama) when we went out and played for the better part of a half hour. I felt terrible when I realized that my class was visible to nearly 15 classrooms. We had the entire snowfall to ourselves…I cherish that memory! Thanks for the slice, and keep your chin up!

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