Choice Time – SOL #2-2017


My students had a full hour and a half of free choice time today and I cannot stop smiling.

It was pajama day in honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday and everyone was all a-twitter to see their classmates (and teachers!) in pony or puppy or star wars or all sorts of super soft and comfy jammies and slippers.  It’s amazing how such a little difference can have such a BIG impact on a day.

This morning we had 5th grade guest readers share two Dr. Seuss books, we finished up our classroom rhyme book in  writer’s workshop and then had a quick reader’s workshop to get ready to read to our buddies.  After lunch they were spent and so was I!

I told the students I had a few more questions to ask some students but if everyone could play nicely and do “First time listening” when I called them to the back table that they would be able to enjoy a Looooong Free Choice time.

It was amazing!  Block zoos were built for the dinosaurs, Lego towns sprung up on the carpet, play dough was pounded and molded into a fine patisserie of baked goods, the creation station overflowed with collages of glued macaroni and feather designs and a shimmery blue cloth was carefully draped over the play house table to transform it into a rocket ship.

Kindergarten cooperation, collaboration and coordination was in full force and it was a sight to behold.  I only regret now that I did not grab my camera and take a picture of the beautifully orchestrated chaos that was unfolding in front of me.



4 thoughts on “Choice Time – SOL #2-2017

  1. Isn’t amazing the learning that happens when they just play. Those kindergarteners certainly know what learning is all about. It’s nice to hear that they get the time to do this in your classroom. They are lucky to have you!

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