SOL #27 – The Best Laid Plans


I had the best of intentions…

I knew this month was going to be incredibly busy which is why I waffled about joining the Slice of Life challenge for a second year.  But then I read the first post from one of my favorite slicers, Elsie,  (you can read it here  and she concluded her slice with “Don’t panic, savor the writing each and every day.”  I took it to heart and decided I would do the best that I could.  Plus,  it seems that when I have a lot to do, I get a lot done.

Yes!  I was in.  I can do this!  And then…

Expected and unexpected health, family and life concerns made their pushy presence known as they pounded into, through and around my March days.  My slices suffered, became mere slivers, snippets, non-existent ghost writing.

Oh, if you could have only been privy to the wonderful slices I wrote in my head while I was lying in bed or lying on the table at the doctor’s office or even lying on the couch too tired to fetch my computer but with just enough oomph in me to compose a fabulous piece in my mind.

Hopefully these glorious little observations will resurface and become a post in these waning days of March.  I hope so.


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