SOL #23 – A Usual Day?


Today I slept in later than usual.  I did not make it to the gym but DID thoroughly enjoy the much needed extra hour of sleep.

Today I changed up our usual daily schedule in class.  I did not save free choice for the end of the day but rather had it before morning recess.  It was an energized yet calm and productive time.

Today I did not walk my usual route with the dog.  I turned towards the lagoon and noticed how beautiful the sky was reflected on the water and how surprisingly well-behaved Annabelle was around all the water fowl.

Today seemed like a usual day until I just sat down and realized how UN-usual it really was.  It was an unusually good day.  Perhaps I need to break up my usual routine more often!


2 thoughts on “SOL #23 – A Usual Day?

  1. I loved how you used the word usual to show the “un”-usualness of your day. Sounds like a great change up of routine to me. You’ve inspired me to try some changes 🙂

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