SOL #20 – Doggy Sounds of Spring



First day of spring and Annabelle, our rescued Great Dane pup (18 months), is waiting for some clear weather so she can take a walk.  She paces then stares out the window, paces then stares out the window, all weekend, just waiting for the sky to clear.

And finally…

Drip,   drip,      drip,            drip,             drriiiiip


Eagerly she rushes to the door, looks at us, taps her foot, back to the window to check that the rain really has stopped then back to the door.  Tap, tap, tap.

We are so well trained.

Click goes her leash, whoosh and bang goes the door.

Clickety, clickety, splish, splash!

Sniff, sniff, sniff.

Clickety, clickety, splish, splash!

We walk quickly around the neighborhood and happen upon the empty tennis courts (Sshhhhh, I know we are not supposed to play in there but no one is using them on this drippy Sunday morning)

A ball!  What luck!

Bounce, bounce,

Galumph, galumph, scruuunch, scruuuunch, scruuuuunch, PLOP

Step, step, step, sniff, step, step, step




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