SOL #18 – Friday Fun!



So how was my Friday?

Fire alarm went off 10 minutes before school started, FUN!

Alarm was re-triggered an hour later as I was just getting our kinders settled into their district mandated End-of-Year writing prompt, MORE FUN!

Arrived to science lab 15 minutes late because I neglected to record the updated times in my lesson book and science teacher was not amused, MORE DARN FUN!

But hey…

I made it out the classroom door and through the school parking lot 20 minutes after school was out, WOO-HOO!

I made it to the gym and had a good, hard work out to start the weekend right, MORE WOO-HOO!

I made it back to writing a Slice after yesterday’s unfortunate mishap (fodder for a future slice though!) MORE DARN WOO-HOO!



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