SOL #14 – Who Knew?


*Disclaimer – this post definitely highlights and giggles at potty humor.


We all know a picture is worth a thousand words.  Sometimes, however, the writing is too perfect to pass up.

Today,  I wanted to learn what topics my kinders are interested in as we launch our informational writing and reading units.  I created a quick page for them to fill out in Writer’s Workshop.  Draw a picture and write 4 things that interest you.  Fairly straight forward.

One little student, bless his heart, loves to write but he works quickly and is still learning about spaces and vowels.  He does, however, really get his point across about why he wants to learn about volcanoes!

AP's volcano copy.jpg

Translation for bottom picture:  “I like volcanoes because they shit lava.”  Or perhaps he meant shoot?

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