SOL #13 – Lucky Number 13!


13 reasons why I love this challenge:

  1.  It feeds my inner writer’s soul
  2.  I love stories!
  3.  It feels good to craft a sentence, a thought, a slice, and share it away
  4. This “one more thing to do” helps me focus all the other to-dos of my day
  5. Giving and getting feedback from complete strangers is surprisingly satisfying
  6. Throughout the day, I find myself thinking of how to share experiences in a slice
  7. I expect my students to do good writing work everyday and so should I
  8. I feel like a secret blogger
  9. I need some discipline in my life!
  10. I admit it, I like the cool factor of saying “I blog.”
  11. I feel more aware and “connected” to my day when I’m thinking about what to write
  12. I like the fact that it elevates the little things that make up our life
  13. There are fabulous people out there who really read and respond!

Thank you, Ramona (wink, wink)


7 thoughts on “SOL #13 – Lucky Number 13!

  1. I look forward to March. This is my 3rd year and I’ve found so much satisfaction deep inside from this experience. These teachers are special ones. Your list was great!

  2. I thought about doing a list of thirteen today. Great list! I loved that the date I entered 13/31 was a palindromic (is that a word?) number. But here’s my question, what happened to #11-13?

    • Oh my! Thank you! My husband called me down to dinner and I totally forgot I was going to go for 13 reasons. I saw 10 and thought “Done.”
      I’ll blame it on the Time Change. Thanks for catching that!

  3. I love this list. My favorite one was #6: Throughout the day, I find myself thinking of how to share experiences in a slice.

    That is the best part of this challenge for me as well. This challenge has made me pay attention to experiences as I go through my day.

  4. Such great reasons! I think #1 sums it up best, the rest is frosting on the cake. I love the look of shock when I might mention to some people that I write on a blog. It’s fun!

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