SOL #11 – Howdy!



It’s my go-to greeting.

I don’t remember why, perhaps I was missing my Montana roots, but a few years ago I decided to greet people with a “Howdy” and a few seconds of warm eye contact.

I love it.  More often than not, people will hold my eye contact while asking how my day is.  I always smile and answer genuinely.

This morning, was a first, however.  I was running errands in a new area and went into a local coffee shop.  As I approached the young man at the cash register, ready to give my order, I gave my usual “Howdy!” greeting and smiled.

He looked at me, smiled shyly at first then burst into a full throated laugh.  He said he had been missing home all morning and was just standing behind the counter thinking of all his friends and family back in Billings when I walked in.  Mine was the first Howdy he’s heard since he moved to California in January.  We chatted for a few minutes and it turns out he knows my cousin’s son!  He told me I made his day.

Who knew a little “Howdy!” could make such a difference!



3 thoughts on “SOL #11 – Howdy!

  1. Howdy! I knew there was something that connected us – Love of big sky country! I’m a Virginian, but all my extended family lives in the Rockies – they’re in my blood – family and mountains.

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