SOL #6 – She’s Got It Good


Last night we had a terrible storm here in the Bay Area.  Our new pup, Annabelle was getting antsy to go for a walk.  I showed her the rain outdoors but all I could read from her was “You wimp!  It’s time for my walk!”  After 30 minutes of her romping around the house, I finally decided to buck up (what’s the problem with a little water?), put on my raincoat (and hers!) and just take her out for a quick walk.

I put on her leash and collar and walked her through the garage but as soon as she got her snout wet she stopped.  In fact she stopped dead in her tracks, a phrase I now have a new appreciation for!  Surprise!  She would not go!  Annabelle sat down, splayed out her haunches and pulled back with every single one of her 112 pounds!  This dog is no fool.  She was NOT going to budge.  There was no way she was going out in the that foul, windy, wet weather.

marmaduke copy.gif

Two minutes later I was back in the house, working on my puzzle with little Annabelle sleeping calmly by my feet.  No more romping for her.  She knows she’s got it good.


5 thoughts on “SOL #6 – She’s Got It Good

  1. You remind me of nights of sub zero temperatures and trying to house train our puppy. She was happy to head out at any temperature. I wonder when she will realize how good she has it!!

  2. Ha! I love your slice! As the mommy to a Golden Retriever who lives for his morning walks, I can relate to the romping when the walk is missed. 🙂 I haven’t had him put on the skids over rain yet, but he certainly makes his opinions known often in much the same way as your Annabelle! I smiled through your whole recollection. 🙂

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