SOL #5 – New Love


We have a new baby at our house.

In December we lost Marvin, our 11 year old Great Dane, and two weeks later we lost Kasey, our 16 1/2 year old American Bulldog.  2015 was a hard year all around four our family.  It was a sad time for our family.

I was adamant about not wanting another dog right away, especially a Great Dane.  Maybe we could adopt a smaller dog this time, perhaps a puppy.

IMG_5386.JPGSometimes, however, the world knows better than we do.  Annabelle popped into our life two weeks ago and what a love she is.  Our home is full of dog once again and we couldn’t be happier.


10 thoughts on “SOL #5 – New Love

  1. Oh, now I am thinking I should just get that dog. We lost our beautiful dane cross last year, almost a year ago, and it was so incredibly painful. I am reluctant to go through that pain of loss again. She looks adorable. Good on you. Enjoy every minute. Lovely slice:)

  2. Sorry for your loss of Marvin. I can imagine that is still hard to get over. I’ve never had pets, but when our neighbors lost their dog a couple of years ago (tragically), I began to see how hard it is.
    Enjoy Annabelle!

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