SOL #4 -And then there are days like today…


This morning, in the middle of an interactive read aloud introducing my kindergartners to new  informational writing features and reviewing how to use our “Super Powers” of 1:1 pointing, checking the picture, reread and persevere, I see a father of one of my students peeking in the classroom door.  Great time for the kids to “turn and talk” I decide and I walk over to greet him.

“Good morning, Mr. Ramirez.  Is everything okay?”

“Yes, yes.  I am so happy and so proud.  Let me show you this picture from A’s writing celebration this morning.”  A is Mr. Ramirez’ older son.  I had him last year as a kindergartener.  He was new to school and all that that entails.  Mr. Ramirez pulled out his phone and clicked on a picture.

There is A with a smile from ear to ear holding the dedication page of his first book.

“Dedicated to Mrs. McNinch who taught me to write and to keep on reading.”

I love my job!


5 thoughts on “SOL #4 -And then there are days like today…

  1. Terje

    This is a slice you have to put in a treasure box and read it when you need some cheering up on a rainy day. It’s a pearl.

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