SOL #3, Red Droplets



A slice of life

A sliver

A cut that slowly weeps

Red droplets of


Red droplets of


Red droplets of


A slice of life

The thinnest ray of hope

Is sometimes all

We need

To hang on

For just one more

Slice of life.




3 thoughts on “SOL #3, Red Droplets

    • Thank you, Elsie. I just reread the poem and it does sound rather desperate. YIKES! Sometimes words just come to me.

      Last year was incredibly hard. Lost 4 family members and both our dogs. I was thinking of how l jumped into last year’s SOL right after my mom’s partner died and then I started to think of everything else that unrolled throughout the year.

      Writing is cathartic. I need to do more of it. I am glad that, once again, I’m joining this fabulous writing community. Thank you for your thoughts!

  1. I also found this poem very sad. I’m glad to read in your reply that writing is cathartic for you. I hope it continues to help you process your challenging year.

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