SOL #2 – Heart Songs


Bella looked resplendent!  She smiled as she twirled in her red velvet dress and pointed her sparkly shoes.  Martin smiled at her and grabbed her hand as he jumped up and down and chanted her name.  The director of Special Education placed her award necklace over her head and Bella just beamed.

It was the annual Sweetheart Awards Dinner, a celebratory evening for all those people who support our neediest kids in school.  Families can nominate special people in their child’s life.  Bella and Martin are students in my kindergarten class this year.  School was a brand new concept for Bella and a change of venue for Martin.  Fitting in was little hard for both of them.

Bella picked up right away that Martin needed a little extra time to work in class but that did not stop her from being his friend.  They joyfully pounded on the play dough together, she rolled little balls to match the number cards and he continued to pound, they pushed and pulled the wagon together, she picked up his jacket when it fell out, he continued to pull and laugh.  When story time came around Bella would remind Martin to close his mouth so the sounds he made wouldn’t be so loud and when a student from another class asked why the “baby” was at school, Bella used her strong voice and defended her friend and his right to be at school.  “He just learns different from us but he’s still a kindergartener and he’s still Firebird!”

Wow!  Schooled by a five year old!  This little ball of fire embodies all that is good in the world.  She is open, compassionate  and welcoming to all human beings.  She meets difficult tasks head on and definitely employs the “I think I can” philosophy.  Hers is a heart song pledge I can get behind!


3 thoughts on “SOL #2 – Heart Songs

  1. What a sweet story of a blooming friendship! School for Bella may have been a new concept but she seems to have no lack of knowledge what it means to be a friend. I’m sure a lot of that came from modeling from her teacher.
    FYI, your link did not work today. Thankfully, I have you in my sidebar so I can always get here. 🙂

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