SOL #1, Here I am, Again :)


March.  Even the name of this month sounds daunting, strident, strong, unyielding, yet…Here I am, again.

And march I will do.  I will march into this writing challenge and do the best I can.  What else can I expect?  It’s what I ask my kids to do every day.  “Give it your best shot.”  “Try something.”  “What writer’s craft will you use today?”

Today I will commit to trying something hard, challenging.  My thoughts are a flurry as once again I commence spring conferences, once again I am feeling buried by district assessments and once again I am feeling the tug of too many commitments.

Oddly enough, however, I remember how last year this writing challenge helped me focus and organize my thinking.  It helped me clarify my priorities but most of all I truly enjoyed getting to know everyone through their magnificent and generous writing.

So, today’s slice of life is really more of a wedge or perhaps even a dollop of the mental preparation I’m fiddling with to get myself back into a writerly frame of mind.

March, 2, 3, 4.  March, 2, 3, 4…


6 thoughts on “SOL #1, Here I am, Again :)

  1. Yeah! You are back! You can do it and do it with style or should I say craft. I’ll take your dollop today and any day you want to string a set of words together.

    • Oh, Elsie! You made my day! I didn’t pre-register or preplan and yet, today, after my last conference at 4:30 I looked at my computer, saw your post and decided to once again go for it.

      Thank you for your cheerful nudging!

  2. March does have a certain “get it done” sound to it. Your most made me smile. I think the thing that keeps me going each year is that I’ve learned that somewhere in a 31 day write, I will find a piece or two that I’m glad I paused to write. Here we go!

  3. Welcome back! I remember reading your slices last year and feeling inspired. Can’t wait to see what this year brings. Way to march into the challenge!

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