Slice of Life #31 – A Blogging Challenge?


Just over a month ago my mom’s beau, Bill, my “stepdad,”  passed away.  I was visiting them and woke up one morning with a poem, a tribute to Bill, swirling in my head.  I had to write it down. On my way back home, as I was noodling on the internet, I ran across the Two Writing Teachers website and, for probably the third or fourth year, saw the Slice a Day challenge.

I love writing but have never been disciplined about it.  I always just sort of waited for an inspiring idea to land in my head, then I’d write it down, leave it on a park bench or inside a book at the bookstore and be done with it.  With Bill’s poem fresh in my mind, however, and numerous other ideas floating in my head I impulsively decided to register for the Slice.  I was committed to writing EVERY, SINGLE DAY in March.

Why add one more thing to my life right now?   I was dealing with grief, the busy-ness of school, LIFE and I, of course, needed to add one more thing to my plate!?

I am ever so grateful I did.  When I started I had no idea what to expect.  What in the world do people Blog about, anyway?  Well to my complete and utter delight, I have been welcomed into this wonderful world of writers, thinkers, doers and triers and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know people through their writing.

Elsie, with her consistently breezy and refreshing slices involving everyday things, and some quite unique experiences, Erika writing about Harry Potter withdrawal and popcorn nights, Kevin who raised “lifting lines” from others’ slices to an art form, NewTreeMom who lovingly wrote of her mother’s old things, there were bloggers becoming first time grandmas, some celebrating a sibling’s 18th birthday, others mourning the breakdown of a marriage.   ALL had and have something worthy to say and I am humbled by the craft and wit and talents of these fabulous writers.

Elsie wrote a Reverso poem for her slice today.  I love her eloquent, lyrical message about this epic month.  I thought I would take a stab at sharing my own little take on this month since I came to it in a roundabout way. 

Where can I express myself?
I need to write.
What shall I do?
A Blogging Challenge.

A Blogging Challenge?
What shall I do?
I need to write.
HERE I can express myself.

So fitting this month ends on a Tuesday.  See you in a week!


4 thoughts on “Slice of Life #31 – A Blogging Challenge?

  1. This is the last day of the challenge, but my first time visiting… and I’m so thankful I did. This was also my first time participating in this challenge, and had I known what I was in for, I may not have jumped in so wide-eyed and eager. But it was tremendously meaningful experience for me, as it was for you. Writing has a way of awakening so much in ourselves, things we forgot or didn’t know were even there. I look forward to reading your slices on Tuesdays.

  2. I love your reverso poem, but even more so, I love that you jumped into this challenge, stuck with it, and were able to benefit from the warmth and encouragement this community so handily provides each March. Keep writing. Maybe we’ll ‘see’ each other on Tuesdays…

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