Slice of Life #27 – Quotation Collection


It’s been one of those weeks…

Only four days left.  I am determined to meet my goal of an entire month of writing.

But what to write?

Then I ran across a private goldmine.  A collection of some of the funny things my students (preK to 4th graders)  have said over the years, plus a few from my own children.

Finding this little old notebook made me smile today.   I hope it makes you smile too.

*Don’t talk with your mouth open.

*Is that you?  I can’t see you without your glasses on.

*I have really long legs.  They reach my whole body.

*I can’t smell anything, my cold stole my nose.

*I didn’t bite her.  Her finger just fell in my mouth.

*Student:  Teacher, he called me the “T” word.

Teacher:  What did he call you?

Student:  He called me TOOPID.

*Here…hold my mud cake.  Don’t eat it.

*I love you like a teacher and only sometimes like a mommy.

*I’m trying to make a real picture of you.  Can you smile big and make those lines all by your eyes again?

*I’m so glad I have a butt.  I fits just right in my chair.

*Sometimes my brain is so smart, my hand can’t keep up with it.  (Said by a particularly inspired writer during writer’s workshop.)

*One time I was born in Australia.

*I’m an expert at scribble-scrabble.

*My pee fell out before it told me to.

*When I sing the Good Morning song with you my heart smiles.


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