Slice of Life #26 – Sweet Evening Supper


Today was a rough day.  Fidgety, spring feverish little 5 and 6 year olds, colleagues that are less than congenial and sharing lately, too much to do and not enough time to teach it, especially with the beautiful spring weather calling us outdoors.

I went through our daily schedule, extended the recess a bit (fun), joined in with the kids during dance class (more fun), and then attended the mandatory CODE RED training mandated by the new superintendent (NOT fun.)

I made myself go to the Body Pump, sort of paid attention to lifting weights and focusing on my workout but then…then…the BEST part of my day…

I walked into my home and there was my lovely husband sitting outside by our little pond with a glass of wine, music playing and steaks and veggies grilling.  What could be better with this?  It is good to know, that even when it feels like the rest of the world is against us, there will always be someone there to make things right, to listen to your troubles and to help put the world in proper perspective.

Thank you, my love, thank you for being you, being us and for supporting me in this life!


7 thoughts on “Slice of Life #26 – Sweet Evening Supper

  1. Some of us are lucky to have that special someone. I do. I’ve got to remember to encourage those who don’t. I these times against teachers and schools, we need to support each other — and stand up.

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