Slice of Life #22 – A Teacher’s Day of Doing


Breathing, Snoring, Waking, Stretching, Hugging

Walking, Talking, Jogging, Walking, Talking

Washing, Drying, Brushing, Smiling, Dressing

Caffeinating, Toasting, Buttering, Chewing, Savoring

Unplugging, Driving, Listening, Singing, Parking

Planning, Organizing, Prepping, Emailing,

Welcoming, Singing, Reading, Teaching, Writing

Watching, Reading, Listening, Coaching, Repeating

Dancing, Snacking, Playing, Laughing

Counting, Singing,  Charting, Reading, Comparing, Checking

Reading, Anticipating, Reading, Thinking, Reading, Bookmarking

Singing, Good-bying, Sitting, Eating

Reviewing, Planning, Reading, Meeting-ing, (Dozing)

Driving, Parking, Plugging in

Chopping, Tossing, Cooking, Eating, Sipping

Talking, Watching, Laughing, Snoozing,

Undressing, Stretching, Hugging, Reading,

Sharing, Breathing, Dreaming, Snoring


12 thoughts on “Slice of Life #22 – A Teacher’s Day of Doing

    • Oh my goodness, you are absolutely right! I was envisioning and replaying a typical work day and completely spaced on my new writing routine. I guess I was too immersed in it at the moment. Definitely a case of not seeing the forest for the trees, wouldn’t you say? Thanks!

  1. What a fun structure! This is truly a day in the life of a teacher. Plugging in – electronics or electric car?
    Caffeinating made me laugh as well as the dozing during the meeting. Really fun post!

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