Slice of Life #19 – Ocean Visit



My brother, “Paul from Montana,” as he so wittily named himself in my phone many years ago, when I used to need a bit of assistance to handle phone contacts and other computer-y things, came for a visit.  He missed the ocean, and apparently his little sister too.

The ocean has such a magical allure.  I am only half an hour away from the beauty and glory of nature at it’s finest and yet I somehow forget to touch base with it on a regular basis.  Why do I need a visitor to remind me to touch the earth, to laugh and play in her waves, to sigh in wonderment at her majestic sunsets?

My big brother came to visit and we reconnected over good family meals, high-spirited games of cribbage and Scrabble, walks with the dogs and most definitely at the beach.  Mother nature smooths the edges, highlights the best in all of us and renews our spirit and soul.  I need to remember that even when I don’t have a visitor.


10 thoughts on “Slice of Life #19 – Ocean Visit

  1. I need a visitor to remind me
    to touch the earth
    to connect back with the sand
    the waves of water moving all the time
    just like me, in my life, with undercurrents
    and eddies and riptides and the quiet moments
    when moonlight drifts down upon the surface
    as lie there, gazing up at the stars,
    floating upon the memory of time.

    –Kevin, lifting a line to create a poem as a comment

  2. Sometimes we tend to ignore what is “right there” in our world until someone comes to remind us of what you have. I’ve never lived close to a beach, so it doesn’t really pull me in, but a do love an ocean view. (Not really a sand person) 🙂

  3. Elegant and beautiful slice. Why is that we forget the beauty that is right outside our back door? Best to make plans to visit more often, with or without a visitor. I’m glad you enjoyed reconnecting with your brother and the ocean!

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