Slice of Life #16 – Yes!


Half way there!  Time is going so fast.  Almost no time to write today but I’m determined to meet my goal of writing something, no matter how trivial seeming, every day.

Today felt like two days in one.  Started with a parent conference (only one more left tomorrow morning!) that was a bit difficult, really needed to listen to mom and her list of reasons why she could not help her son right now, countered with how much easier a little time now would be then a lot more later on when he’s struggling even more.  I get that life is busy but parents must make time for their kids.  When the amount of daily screen time a child has versus human eye contact time is double, triple even quadruple (poor kids!) then something needs to be done.  Especially when the vast majority of the eye contact time is coming from the teacher and not a parent!

Enough ranting, gotta go!  Yikes, LIFE….!!!


5 thoughts on “Slice of Life #16 – Yes!

  1. Peg D

    Can you name anything better than reading to a fresh from the tub little one snuggled in your arms? Will never understand why people choose to have children and then treat them like a forgotten toy. Sad.

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