Slice of Life #14 – A Sliver of a Slice


Is there anything better than a cup of coffee with your loved one on a lazy Saturday morning?  Just sipping and chatting and catching up with the news; of our weeks, of our plans, of the luxuriously long day stretching in front of us.

Jim and I are deliciously close to being empty nesters and on mornings like this I cannot wait for the full effect.  Saturday morning radio on low in the background, hot coffee brewing on the counter, little blueberries swirling around the milk at the bottom of my bowl of cereal and a fresh page of puzzles in the newspaper opened up in front of me.  What could possibly be better than this at this very moment?


3 thoughts on “Slice of Life #14 – A Sliver of a Slice

  1. I loved reading your sliver of a soft, delicious moment grounded in the mundane and rising to the sublime. Those small moments are precious and your description echoed familiar Sunday mornings for me. Thanks for sharing!

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