Slice of Life #13 – Bee Bopping Around


Today is a sort of bee bopping day for me.  No school and a long list of “to do’s” to do that I am rather enjoying not doing. 🙂

Went to the gym and tried a new yoga class.  Absolutely LOVED the instructor’s spirited, totally commanding teaching style, so different than most other yoga teachers, but I really learned and hopefully improved my meagerly budding yoga skills with her.

Sat with sudoku and ken-ken puzzles at the kitchen table while I sipped my morning coffee and chatted with my sister coming home from her night shift.  She’s heading to bed, my head’s bee bopping around my day.

Gazed out the window at the morning sky and truly marveled at the pink and orange hues.  I found myself thinking about Elsie’s recent post about a hawk in her yard ( you can find it here: and wondering if we will see our same visiting Cooper’s Hawk this year.

Wondered about the photos we’ve taken of that bird over the years.  Went to check out the photo albums on the shelf.  We always assume it’s the same bird but we really have no proof other than we think the photos look like the same bird.

Wow, did our kids really used to be that little?  Will all these new photos on my phone and other digital devices ever get the privilege of being stored in a real photo album?  Not today, I’m bee bopping around.

Went outside to check the pond and found myself pulling up weeds that I swear popped up overnight.  Our rainy December plus unseasonably warm February has made for lots of early blooming bulbs AND tons of little weeds poking up here and there.  I’ll definitely have to return with more enthusiasm for this later!  I think I’ll bee bop back into the kitchen.

Rummaged through the cupboards with thoughts of dinner.    Flipped through a few magazines for inspiration.  I know…PINTEREST!!

Which, of course, leads me to my computer which, of course, leads me straight to the slicing page which, of course, leads me to an hour or more of reading and commenting on so many fabulous blogs.

Uh-oh.  My blog?  My 13th slice of life?  Hmmmm, I have no idea what I will write about today.


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