Slice of Life #9 – Sad Day


Today a student in my school district took his life in the wee morning hours before the sun could greet him and pull him along through another day.  Sadly this is the third such occurrence this school year for us.  We are grieving and at a loss as to how to halt this painful tidal wave of suicides among our young teens.

I teach kindergarten and these are high schoolers but they are still my children.  These students did not even go to elementary school in our district but they are still my children.  Some of the families do not speak English but they are still my children.  I may not know where these students live but they are still my children.

YOU may not know where they live but they are still YOUR children, OUR children.


3 thoughts on “Slice of Life #9 – Sad Day

  1. How sad. When horrible things happen to students it is so hard to just stand by, I always find myself wondering why other people aren’t freaking out. Today we did Poetry Slams and so many kids talked about bullying and name calling, and yet everyone just seemed to go on about their day. I felt like the sheer number of students should have elicited a discussion of some variety. I am sorry for your loss.

    • It is horribly sad and I think we’re all searching for ways to remove this impulsive option from these young people’s thoughts and actions. And yes, then we go about our day, me teaching little kinders, telling them the world is a beautiful, wonderful, caring place that is welcoming them with open arms and inside I’m all twisted up with confusion and grief. Thank you for your comment.

  2. This is truly sad. A fourth grader at our school lost a brother the week before school started…not suicide, but tainted drugs, just as bad. We are losing too many young people in too many senseless ways. It is heart wrenching to see how the families suffer. And it makes us grieve, too.

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