Slice of Life #07 – Dis-com-bo-bu-lated



.        Dis                           Bo                            Lated.

.                     Com                           Bu


.             Cannot figure out         left         from         thgir


.                        P

.               U

.                                    from

.                                                                 D

.                                                                        O

.                                                                              W

.                                                                                     N


Here                                 or                                   There


Sometimes I think

it’s just the way

it has to


For now, anyway.


11 thoughts on “Slice of Life #07 – Dis-com-bo-bu-lated

  1. Thanks! I’m lousy at formatting so I cheated and used periods at the beginning of each line and then I decided I liked that effect, sort of like sands of time spilling away.

  2. I’m impressed! I can never get my wordpress text move to where I want it to be. When I do the draft it never looks like that in the preview. Sometimes this is how we feel. Fun post.

  3. I’m impressed by your formatting, it captures the feelings of discombobulation perfectly! I love that word as well. At our airport the area right after you get through security has an area with a big sign labeled Recombobulatian Area. A perfect sign for that area of the airport! Hope you begin to feel recombobulated soon!

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