Slice of Life #5 – Best of Intentions


Yesterday I was galvanized, ready to throw caution to the wind and take my little kiddos to the park for some real interaction with nature.

Today, reality (and not of the real nature kind – see yesterday’s post ) hit and we had an assembly to got to and library time and dance class.  My best intentions to throw aside my lesson plans and take my kinders to the park for some REAL nature time were thwarted and here I sit reading the encouragement and cheers from all you slicers and I’m trying not to feel like an epic failure.

I know I will bring my kinders to the park soon but unfortunately, it just won’t be as spontaneous and carefree as I had hoped.  Ahh well, the best laid plans of kinders and their teachers.

Here’s to another day!


6 thoughts on “Slice of Life #5 – Best of Intentions

  1. I applaud you for trying to get the kids to experience nature (so many youngsters don’t get enough of it). Fortunately, students are flexible and oftentimes don’t even realize that our plans have changed!

  2. Just the simple fact that you are a teacher releases you from all thoughts of failure! Just know that taking your little ones outside will happen, and enjoy the extras that are thrown into your crazy day!

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