Marvelous Marvin


When an old Great Dane is part of your life, you learn to slow down and rest.  Marvin is our 10 year old Harlequin Great Dane.

DSCN0245He is a happy, gentle giant who unfortunately does not know he is NOT a lap dog.  Or maybe we just forgot to tell him?

Yesterday afternoon, Marvin was determined to get in a full, read ALL the way around the lagoon, NOT the short-cut path, walk.  We’ve been short-changing him lately because of the dark nights and admittedly tired owners.  He started off with the usual nose in the air, taking in all the smells that have passed by in the last few days, then continued on with the squirrel lunges and excited skips.  What would happen if one day, perchance, he actually got close enough to a squirrel to catch one?!  I am sure he would cower down and whimper.

The sky is blue and clear, no nor’easter for us here.  Marvin is slowly rounding the last corner of our walk and he unexpectedly has decided to plop down under an early blossoming tree in our neighborhood park.  Nope, I cannot cajole him to finish the last 100 yards right now.  Pushing, carrying or dragging him along are also out of the question.

It is time for me to sit down on our beautiful park’s lush green carpet.  Marvin scoots over, places his head in my lap and closes his eyes.  I am pinned to the spot.

Two shy teenagers come up alongside me and ask to pet our lovely beast, Marvin opens one eye approvingly as they stroke his back and ooh and aah at him.  My neighbor, whom I haven’t talked with since December, walks by and we get caught up on each other’s lives.  The new family from down the street rides by on their bicycles then circle back around to comment on Marvin’s beauty and grace.  “We often catch a glimpse of him on our way to or from school but we’ve never seen his whole body laid out.  Wow!”

Yes, when you have a Great Dane in your life, you learn to slow down and park it every once in awhile.  And I am thankful for the reminding.


6 thoughts on “Marvelous Marvin

  1. Sounds like a beautiful day! (I say this with no jealousy whatsoever as I stare at more snow out my window…) I love the pacing of your writing–you did a great job setting a calm, relaxing tone to match your story. I really enjoyed reading it–thanks for sharing!

  2. I love his name…I’m partial to men’s names for dogs. Mine are Leo and Ralph. Marvin seems very fitting a name for yours. The added bonus of a dog walk (or a lie down) is reconnecting with neighbors.

  3. mrssurridge

    I am a big-dog person (mostly Goldens), yet Great Danes still awe me. They are so HUGE and sweet…and lap-friendly. Thanks for including a photo. I’m sure you could sit for hours with Marvin’s head in your lap. He’s adorable.

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