I Will Remember You Well


I will remember you well, Bill Fisher.

I will remember a joyful man throwing snowballs in the backyard with two rambunctious teenage boys and I don’t know who was having more fun.

I will remember a history-loving man in the dark nights of Priest Lake sharing astronomy lessons on how the ancient mariners navigated their ships around the world by the starry constellations.

I will remember an insatiably curious man, patiently listening for, recording and counting a frog’s ribbitting chorus to find the underlying mathematical equation of its song.

I will remember an intelligent man who patiently explained (and re-explained) binary code and how the first computers were built, how they have evolved and even how to use our present day gizmos now.

I will remember a contentedly peaceful man enjoying the smells and sounds abad sights of nature whether sitting on a railcar passing through the tall trees of a forest or perched on a whale watching catamaran in Hawaii or strolling a vineyard in the Tuscan countryside.

I will remember a kind and caring man, partnering with my mother in the sunset of their lives, and accepting all her brood and her brood’s brood and beyond, with grace and gentleness.

I will remember you well, Bill Fisher.  You are a man who said YES to life.  YES to learning, YES to games, YES to adventures, YES to music, YES to doing and being and living!

I will remember you well!


One thought on “I Will Remember You Well

  1. What a beautiful way to honor someone who has passed. I love how you describe him as a man who said YES to everything. What more could anyone want out of life?

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